Why We Got Started

Before the COVID crisis, most local community storefronts relied almost entirely on foot traffic. Right now, we are seeing countless businesses struggling to stay afloat. We do not know what tomorrow holds and that is the reality for a lot of local businesses.

The digital gift card marketplace was created to give merchants a leg up on the technology to sell gift cards online. Placing technology at the fingertips of small businesses, where customers are able to purchase gift cards online, is nothing short of a lifeline for business owners and employees who are fighting every day to keep their doors open.

Gift cards used to be looked at as a thoughtless gift – it did not take much effort, thought, creativity behind it. But now, gift cards are giving small businesses a much-needed lifeline.

Join us in protecting the backbone of our communities.

Our Initiative

If you’re looking to support local businesses rooted in your own community — the business owners who are your neighbors, who sponsor your kid’s Little League team, and who you ask to donate to your church’s fundraiser — there’s now an easy way to do so.

Welcome to our digital gift card marketplace which was created to give merchants the technology to offer gift cards to their clients where social distancing would have prevented sales for these highly-impacted businesses.

One of the benefits for local businesses is that they can use our FREE platform as another resource to make ends meet and preserve the livelihood of the community during this time.

We are grateful to offer yet another way to serve the community, connect businesses with their clients, and to keep it local.

Matthew Bradley

Small Business Owner, 75 Degrees West
Dallas, PA

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